Survey Methodology
Our surveys are conducted by paper questionnaires (randomly delivered in person) in some states and regions of the Republic of Union of Myanmar.
Sampling: The surveys conducted are designed to represent residents of a single state or region. The sample size to be surveyed could be calculated by using the following formula.
Equation 1 - Determination of Sample Size (Population of Area is Known)

Equation 2 - Determination of Sample Size (Population of Area is Unknown)

Note: The sample size is subject to change due to different significance level and margin of error.
Questionnaire Design: The questionnaire design is based on the critical and current issues which our people are experiencing and will be relevant to the public, political actors, Hluttaw representatives and the media.  Our surveys generally ask a combination of open-ended and closed-ended questions about national problems, opinions about representatives and other topics.
After Hluttaw session (parliamentary proceeding), for example, many of our questions are focused on asking about people’s perception on the performance of Hluttaw representative, and public interest on the session. Generally, our survey questionnaire covers four main sectors, namely, politics, social, environment and economics.  
Collecting Survey Data:  The collection of survey data was done by paper questionnaires (delivered in person).
Data Analysis: The survey data entry and analysis were done by using Epidata and Statistical Package for Social Services (SPSS) software.