Enviromental Report Card

What is Enviromental Report Card ?

The Environmental Report Card (ERC) is an instrument to outlook the state of the country’s natural resources and the environment in a participatory way based on people’s perception, and also to evaluate the performance of local authorities and government departments on how seriously they are undertaking to improve the State of Environment (SOE) in given jurisdictional areas. It is also a voluntary initiative of civil society organizations to help defense the existing natural resources of the country though assessing the drivers and pressures that can cause the deterioration of the those resources and consequently bring detrimental impacts on human beings.

Environmental Performance is usually employed in developed countries to explore their State of Environment (SOE). Likewise, some developing countries also practice suitable methods to do so. In this respect, it was found that Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response Framework (DPSIR) is used in developed countries while the simpler . Pressure-State-Response Framework (PSR) is used by developing suitable indicators to assess SOE in Greater Mekong Sub region countries including Myanmar.

The idea of ERC originates from the Environmental Performance Assessment Tool called the DPSIR Framework, by adapting it to the different localities of Myanmar hereby adding a pillar like Public Participation to the existing five aspects of the DPSIR model so that environmental monitoring and assessment could be done across the country (Figure).

Similar to other EPA tools, indicators were developed for each aspect of ERC. Due to the dearth of data in Myanmar, only qualitative assessment could be employed to evaluate the status of each indicator by conducting focus group discussions in the survey villages in order to collect the peoples’ perception, which can also be regarded as a proof on the absence of scientific data.


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