Climate Change & Migration

  • Posted on: 4 June 2015
  • By: mmaffairs

The Objectives are:

  1. To find out negative environmental changes being felt by communities (which may or may not be climate change related);
  2. To explore the impact of environmental changes on people's lives;
  3. To investigate whether these environmental changes and related impacts influence migration and if YES, how; and
  4. To survey other factors influencing migration.

In total 50 households were included in the sample. A sample size of 50 was chosen from 510 households .
The most local people from the village, depend directly on the climate and may be adversely affected by even small environmental and climatic fluctuations.

A degrading environmental has played a strong role as to why people would migrate. 72% of people cite environmental changes as the direct cause as to why they would migrate from the village. More respondents cited economic drivers as the main reason to migrate (77% of respondents cite lack of jobs and 63% as low wages), however with the majority of the population dependent on the land and productive resources and the decline in productivity and income, both economic and environmental factors are inextricably linked.