Advancing life and regenerating motherland (ALARM) is a non-profit organization officially registered in Myanmar (Reg.No 2036) since 21st of November 2012. In fact, ALARM has been evolved from the local organization previously known as Ecologically Progressive Ecosystem Development (ECODEV) that has been established since 1994 with the volunteer commitment and cooperation of self-conscientious Burmese intellectuals and scholars from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) for catalyzing democratic change in Myanmar. Throughout the decade, ECODEV had implemented the number of community based natural resource management activities in Delta, Dry Zone, Shan State, Chin State and Kachin State with the umbrella funding from UNDP and INGOs. Learning from these experiences, ALARM has re-oriented and transformed herself for better positioning as an active, independent and non-profitable full-fledged non-governmental organization to continue contributing to the process of democratic reform in Myanmar. Throughout these decades, among many others, following milestones are made, particularly contributing to improvement of environmental governance in Myanmar.

Where about ALARM is heading!

The Vision of ALARM is to transform the resilient society adaptive to climate challenge. To realize it, ALARM has adopted the mission of enabling citizens to lead the process of change for green growth, social equity and environmental justice. In other words, we believe that by empowering people, the society would be able to adapt themselves with the resilient and regenerative capacity to climate change that human being is currently threatened.


Note: LEAD stand for Leadership Development, Exploration, Advocacy and Defense of the natural resource right of the grassroots.